Im Haeuschen Von Herrn Van Den Brink

(In The Hut Of Mr. Van Den Brink)

di Björn Renner
2019 - Germania - 15:00 min.

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In questa favola moderna i due piccoli criminali Heiko e Marcello finiscono nella capanna del signor van den Brink. Fuggiti dalla polizia si nascondono in una casetta con giardino ma poi si svegliano con mani e piedi legati.

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Biografia e filmografia

Björn Renner was born in 1972 in West Germany as the son of a German father and a Swedish mother. After his civil service, he moved to Sweden and studied Graphic Design at the University of Arts, Crafts & Design, Konstfack, Stockholm. Parallel to his studies, he created a series of experimental filmic works. The goal was to establish an emotional communication with the spectator through highly evocative images. Today, the visual spectrum of his works ranges from analogue as well as digital animation, kinetic installation to real image. In addition, he teaches in visual communication at various schools in Sweden, for example as a guest lecturer at the Blekinge Institute of Technology or as assistant professor at the Academy of Arts and Crafts, HDK, in Gothenburg.

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