The Shepherd


di Ilya Plyusnin
2021 - Russia - 9:11 min.

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Pubblico raccomandato: AdultiPLUS 3


Il tipico plancton d’ufficio Leonid vive una vita noiosa e affronta ogni giorno dei problemi. A lui, impegnato a finire il rapporto annuale per il suo odioso capo, improvvisamente, viene data la possibilità di avere dei poteri straordinari e di mostrare al mondo chi è il vero capo grazie ad un piccolo aiuto da parte di alcuni invasori extraterrestri.

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Biografia e filmografia

Born in Bishkek, in the childhood moved to Vladivostok, Primorskiy Region.
There I received the higher economy education, but since my school years I began shooting small film sketches and did some game development. Computer gaming is the hobby that turned into my work, while the amateur film studio 1st River is just a hobby. Both games and films attract me because they provide an incredible opportunity to create new worlds.
Working in the film industry I want to show that such self-expression is available not only to professionals but to the amateurs as well.
In 2013 1st River released its first film "Bad luck", which is based on the short sci-fi story (it participated in the section Local cinema at the Pacific Meridian Festival). Later the studio team has tried the horror genre and made a film "The Basement". The next project "The Shepherd" again deals with the sci-fi genre, but it highlights the problems of our reality - the limiting of freedom for the modern man that seems to be absolutely free; his need for escapism; bullying; toxicity at work.


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