Festival Corti a Ponte 2024
Piccolo Festival International


The Small Festival for schools

The “Piccolo Festival” is the section of the “Corti a Ponte” International Short Film Festival dedicated to schools. Alongside the “Grande Festival” which instead presents auteur shorts, with a diversified programming by age: it is aimed at both the 18+ audience as well as children (3+ and 8+) and teenagers (11+ 14+), following the vision of Corti a Ponte which does not consider the school an island but a part of the wider context in which children and young people live. The festival also wants to involve families and the local area in a joint effort to educate children and teenagers in the language of cinema and in the conscious use of the media.

The Piccolo Festival is aimed at schools every year (from childhood to secondary school) presenting short films produced by children aged 3 to 18, from all over the world, in the original language with subtitles, with indications for a critical vision and careful.
Possible different levels of involvement: from the inevitable public vote to more complex activities, ranging from the Junior Jury (for pupils aged 3-19), to PCTO courses for the translation of subtitles, social communication and graphics. The Senior Juries are reserved for teachers.

The presence of foreign guests is an opportunity for teachers to meet and exchange good practices.

The screenings are organized appropriately for 4 different age groups:

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