The project

History and motivations

The first review of short films and music Corti a Ponte is from March 2008, organized by the cooperative Tre Cose ai Giovani as a closing moment for the three-year activity of street entertainment in the Municipality of Ponte San Nicolò. The main short (Legami di pezza, by Christian Cinetto) had been filmed in Ponte San Nicolò.
The event had such an unexpected success that it gave birth to the desire to transform this single event into a stable annual event.

Raffaella Traniello and Christian Cinetto (who have joined the cooperative in the selection of short films) and Enrico Rinuncini (then Councilor for Youth Policies) have decided not to kill the experience, to grab the witness left by the cooperative and redesign Corti a Ponte.

In September 2008 an civic committee was born, to support the Municipal Administration in organizing the event. Raffaella Traniello (teacher, and Christian Cinetto (director, have been the founding nucleus, with the role of organizational director.

At the beginning of 2010 the Civic Committee Corti a Ponte became the “Corti a Ponte” APS Association and took over the organization of the festival completely, with the participation of the Municipality.


Corti a Ponte wants to enhance the territory and place it in a wider context. In particular he wants:

  • Create opportunities for enjoyment, education and exchange of good art (video but also music and more)
  • Create opportunities for artistic meetings between video and music
  • Stimulate the artistic expression of professionals, amateurs and beginners
  • Welcoming the local artistic expression (even at amateur level) and at the same time stimulating artistic growth through the projection of quality videos
  • Create stimuli for public reflection on the common good (in particular in the field of software and copyright)
  • Educating to legality in respect of copyright (both copyright and copyleft)
  • Create a socially relevant event for the different social groups of the territory, for all ages and abilities
  • Being an opportunity for revaluation of the municipality highlighting some forgotten aspects of the territory
  • Enhance the experiences already present in the territory (associations, places, training proposals …)
  • Emphasize the membership of the Municipality of Ponte San Nicolò in the metropolitan area of ​​Padua.