Festival Corti a Ponte 2021 – Organization

Corti a Ponte is an event created and organized by
“Corti a Ponte” APS

The 2021 edition is produced as part of the National Program for Cinema at school, promoted by the Ministry of education and the Ministry of culture.


Artistic director:
Raffaella Traniello

Scientific Committee:
CIAS – Italian School Audiovisual Coordination

Official section coordinator:
Roberta Nicetto

BY 3.25 Section coordinator:
Raffaella Traniello

48 hours coordinator:
Roberta Nicetto, Paola Leorin

Soundtrack competition:
Raffaella Traniello, Stefania Bisacco

Paola Leorin, Raffaella Traniello, Paola Guaita, Roberta Nicetto

Volunteers coordinator:
Paola Leorin

Selection committee:
Roberta Nicetto (coordinatore), Paola Guaita, Paola Leorin
Raffaella Traniello, Pier Giuseppe Zatti, Stefania Bisacco,
Marta Martin, Beatrice Tulli, Dimitri Pagnin,
Matteo Labiunda, Luca Torassa, Ludovico Piccolo
Giorgia Guadagnin, Vincenzo Giugno, Mauro Sartore
Valentino Deganutti, Alice Friscione, Francesca Padovan
Marianna Fattoruso, Paola Mosele, Rita Bovo
Chiara Omerini, Barbara Cognolato

BY 3.25 Selection committee:
Raffaella Traniello, Paola Leorin, Susanna Pasini, Barbara Cognolato

Press office:
Alessandra Canella (Studio PRP)

Social media managers:
Federico Novarini

Poster artist 2021:
Francesca Padovan

Graphic design:

Internet website:
Lorenzo Magon, HTML Planet

Raffaella Traniello, Lorenzo Magon, Marta Martin,
Beatrice Tulli, Marianna Fattoruso, Giorgia Guadagnin,
Pier Giuseppe Zatti, Roberta Nicetto

Truttero Award coordinator
Bruno Lorini

Organized with the help of:
Ufficio Scolastico Territoriale di Padova
Comune di Padova
Polo multifunzionale di Agripolis
Padova University 

Thanks to:
Iris Style s.n.c. di Calandrin R & C.
Serigrafia Leorin s.a.s. di Leorin A. & C.

Iris Corte
Michela Zaino
Marco Tognana


Comune di Ponte San Nicolò

The municipality of Ponte San Nicolò is part of the Metropolitan area of Padua. It owes its name to the bridge of State Road 516 “Piovese”, which crosses the Roncajette canal (a stretch of the Bacchiglione river). The banks of the river welcome a beautiful bike path, which is a part of the wider Padua-Chioggia cycle path. The festival was born within the municipal administration, back in 2008.


Istituto Comprensivo di Ponte San Nicolò

Engaged for years in multimedia projects, he collaborates with the festival to make it suitable for children / young people and to be a useful educational resource for audiovisual education. With the collaboration of the MIUR – Padua School Department, it organizes the screening of children for all the schools in the province.


Liceo Artistico Modigliani di Padova

The Modigliani Art High School co-organizes the TRUTTERO AWARD, a competition for short films made by children aged 14 to 20 years. The award was established in the institute in memory of prof. Truttero, sculptor and teacher of Plastic Disciplines at Modigliani High School, who passed away in February 2015, to remember the passion and curiosity he has always given to his students. He collaborates in organizing the festival with alternating school-work courses.


Istituto Comprensivo di Legnaro


Scuola dell’infanzia Maria Immacolata

Istruzione Superiore “Scalcerle”



Animator Fest
(Jagodina, Serbia)

Organized by the “Svetozar Markovic” Cultural Center of Jagodina, the Animator Fest wants to promote the art of animation in European countries and be a meeting place for young people who wish to share and create new ideas. The festival program includes works made by independent schools or authors up to 18 years of age.


(Sidney, Australia)

KidzFlicks is the project behind the Sydney International Festival of Films by Children, and aims to enhance the shorts made by children up to 12 years old. After screenings in 5 Sydney cinemas, KidzFlicks travels to other parts of Australia. The Festival offers young Australians the chance to share their little films and see shorts made by children from all over the world. KidzFlicks is a competition with as many as 27 awards, awarded by leading figures in the Australian film world.
KidzFlicks is a project by Bardic Studio, a non-profit organization that aims to create the conditions for full participation by all Autsralians in all aspects of cinema, without age or skill limits.


Artex Films

Distribution and film production house that promotes the distribution and showing in theaters of quality short films.


Festival della Lentezza

Biennial festival organized by the Vite in Viaggio Association which was created with the aim of promoting and spreading a sustainable lifestyle and consumption in the territory, both from an environmental and a human point of view, based on a balanced and respectful relationship between human beings It’s the nature.
The association also aims to promote “slowness experiences” and to cooperate with other organizations that work with similar goals.


CIAS (Coordinamento Italiano Audiovisivi a Scuola)

Mission of the CIAS is to foster awareness of the idea of children, schools and contents that prefigures audiovisual and multimedia education and schooling, focusing on the quality and effectiveness of the methodological choices that put at the center of the activity research and experimentation in audiovisual teaching.


Teatro Ragazzi G. Calendoli – ONLUS

The Teatro Ragazzi G. Calendoli organizes and manages the “National Festival of Theater for the Boys”, the oldest Italian Festival for children which comes in 2018 to the 38th consecutive edition. Every year there are ten shows chosen on over one hundred theater companies that ask to participate with their new production in the selection. The Festival is a real showcase that guarantees the high quality, professional and cultural, of the proposals. The event makes a decisive contribution to theater education as a place for meeting and training young people. In addition to theater as an artistic language, it offers an opportunity to dialogue, discuss, and even discuss in family the issues arising from the vision of each show.


Kino Otok Isola Cinema

It’s a film festival based in Izola (Slovenia). During the festival, Izola’s picturesque old town centre is transformed into a real film island, where, every evening, the entire film festival colony gathers and, together with the locals, enjoys the screenings under the starry sky. The accompanying and educational programmes complement the concept of the festival, while the meetings with the authors, various courses, workshops and also the nightly festival throb at the Izola’s Lighthouse.

Innesti Sociali

Innesti Sociali promotes social innovation by trying to foster a renewal of the culture of solidarity both locally and nationally. It wants to stimulate interest in the construction of the common good and make the pro bono commitment at the service of the community “attractive” by speaking to young and old with contemporary codes of novelty, lightness and play.


It is a project of Innesti Sociali which consists of a silent art auction in which participants who want to win one or more works of art do not offer money, but time to devote to a local non-profit organization. In addition to supporting the work of emerging and non-emerging artists (the selected works are purchased by the organizers), Timeraiser wants to promote and enhance volunteering at a national level and in local communities.



(Comitato Provinciale di Padova)

Il Comitato UNICEF di Padova da anni promuove la cultura dei diritti dell’infanzia e dell’adolescenza nelle scuole, negli Enti Locali, nel territorio. Compone la Giuria UNICEF per il concorso 3.20.



The Club for UNESCO is an association that aims to promote understanding and support of the UNESCO mission, priorities and programs in the context of civil society.
He composes the “Club for UNESCO” jury to promote the World Day of Cultural Diversity, declared by UNESCO for May 21 every year.

“Pel di Carota” bookcase

More than a children’s bookshop in the center of Padua:
a center for the promotion of reading, also through cultural and literary events with a rich calendar of events: workshops, meetings, readings, book presentations, exhibitions.




Comune di Ponte San Nicolò


Comune di Ponte San Nicolò

Comune di Padova

Comune di Legnaro

Provincia di Padova

Regione Veneto

Dipartimento dei Beni Culturali
Università di Padova