June 1, 2024 – International Meeting of Film Educators

June 1, 2024 – International Meeting of Film Educators

On June 1, 2024, between 10:00 and 12:30, and again between 15:00 and 17:30, the International Meeting of Film Educators will take place in the charming setting of Villa Crescente in Roncaglia. This event will bring together audiovisual education professionals from various countries for an informal and friendly exchange of best practices in film literacy. Italian and foreign trainers, who are guests of the festival, will share insights into the challenges and opportunities in their respective countries, aiming to foster international collaboration. The discussion will be held in English.

The meeting is open to individuals involved in film education, as well as teachers interested in audiovisual education. Max 30 participants.

Participants include:

  • Mayuko Masaki (Japan) – children animation workshop leader
  • Mahmoud Adawy (Egypt) – director, children workshop leader
  • Hesham Fetian (Egypt) – psychologist, workshop collaborator
  • Yura Boguslavskiy (Armenia) – animator and animation workshop leader
  • Vasya Chirkov (Armenia) – animator and animation workshop leader
  • Pavel Martynov (Slovacchia) – Eye to eye children animation studio
  • Marina Martynova (Slovacchia) – Eye to eye children animation studio
  • Damiano Monaco (Roma, Italy) – producer at Flash Future
  • Massimo Lazzaroni (Varese, Italy) – director of the Cortisonici International Short Film Festival.
  • Benedetta Sani (Bologna, Italy) – animator, teacher at the Academy of Fine Arts, animation workshop leader
  • Roberto Paganelli (Bologna, Italy) – animation workshop leader – Ottomani
  • Irene Tedeschi (Brescia, Italy) – experimental audiovisual and stop-motion workshops leader in educational, museum, and socio-healthcare settings
  • Michele Aiello (Verona, Italy) – Director and educator – Zalab
  • Michael Guarneri (Padova, Italy) – Researcher at the University of Padova, conducts workshops in high schools to revisit today, through photographs and films, the landscape of Italian silent cinema (1896-1922)

For information and registrations, please write to: info@cortiaponte.it

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