Festival Corti a Ponte 2023 – Juries

Grande Festival Juries

Official Jury



Born in Prokuplje, Serbia. Formal education: Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, Department of Applied Sculpture. 25 years of work experience in culture at the Despotovac Cultural Center, the Cultural and Educational Community of Jagodina and the Cultural Center of Jagodina, where in 2007 she founded an animation school for school-age children. As a mentor and head of the school, she participated in the creation of more than 20 animated films awarded at national and international festivals of children and youth filmmaking. She is the author of the short animated film Trkija / Elusiveness. Founder of the JAFILM association and artistic director of Animator Fest – European Youth Festival of Animated Film, Jagodina, Serbia.



He specializes in the history of Russian and Soviet cinema. He dedicates his doctoral research to director Boris Barnet (1902-1965). Curator of cultural events and film reviews, she collaborates with various associations, festivals and film institutions such as the National Cinema Museum, BFM, TFF, ANCR, Il Cinema Ritrovato, PFA, Imaginaria, Kino Museums of Moscow, KROK, Suzdal’ FF. For her Sottodiciotto Film Festival, from 2005 to 2020, she curates exhibitions and master classes in animated cinema, bringing artists such as Norštejn, Petrov, Bronzit to Italy. You collaborate with CSC of Turin and ISIA of Urbino. She leads educational workshops for schools.



Video maker for science, works as head of audiovisual communication for the Department of General Psychology of the University of Padua. He holds a PhD in Screenwriting and was a Visiting Scholar at UCLA in Los Angeles. He is a contract professor of Anthropology of the Film Imaginary at the University of Padua and has worked as a videomaker and editor for Troma Entertainment in New York.

“Lenta” Jury (Slow Jury)


It is composed by Luca Lideo and Marta Perrone.

Assign a prize to the short that best enhances the theme of slowness, understood in all its nuances of meaning.

Marta takes over from Anna Donegà. Anna has been close to the Corti a Ponte APS Association since its inception. For many years you have been a member of the Lenta jury, bearing witness to the values of a genuine and attentive life. Now that time has stopped for her, we are sure that Anna will still be with us and will watch the short film from up there.

Club for UNESCO in Padua Jury


It is composed of Giorgio AndrianAlberto BeniniStefania Allegro.

It awards a prize to promote the World Day of Cultural Diversity, declared by UNESCO for May 21 of each year.

“Ponte” Jury


It is made up of representatives of the Administration of the Municipality of Ponte San Nicolò: Alessia Ziglio (councilor for events), Nicolò Pegoraro (councilor, youth policies) and Catia Zoppello (councilor, culture).

Awards the best short film dealing with the BRIDGE theme.

The theme can be explored from every point of view, with every meaning and facet. For example, it could be physical, real or imaginary, ancient or modern bridges. The bridge can be understood as a metaphor of an encounter between two realities, of overcoming a barrier, of approaching the other. The theme can also refer to exchange and knowledge relations between European cities (twinning).

Audience Award

An AUDIENCE AWARD is foreseen for all the competitions of the Grande Festival.

Piccolo Festival Juries

SENIOR BY 3.18 Jury



He is a researcher at the FiSPPA Department of the University of Padua. He teaches Audiovisual and Multimedia Education at the master’s degree in Entertainment Sciences and Multimedia Production and Art Education and Media Education at the master’s degree in Primary Education Sciences. He is the author of essays and manuals on cinematographic language and on the didactic use of audiovisuals.



Teach in kindergarten. Since 2014 he has been Tutor of the students of the Primary Education Course at the University of Padua. For years he has been involved in training and updating for teachers and in the experimentation of artistic and audiovisual laboratories in kindergartens and primary schools. He collaborated with the DAMS of the University of Padua in the creation of video essays, taking care of the part relating to animated cinema. With Manlio Piva in 2020 he published Artistic paths for children. Exploring art in kindergarten and primary school (Audino).



Pietro Tonegato is a primary school teacher and adjunct professor for the Degree Course in Primary Education Sciences at the University of Padua, where he also acts as a tutor for the internship. Always fascinated by “other” languages, he deals with Media and Technologies in teaching, education and training.




Graduated in Pedagogy, she is a primary school teacher. For years she has been Tutor Organizer at the CdL in Primary Education Sciences of the University of Padua, she works in the initial and in-service training of teachers. She is co-author of textbooks and contributions to media education publications, particularly on comics. You are one of the founders of the E. Pizzuti Film Club in Oderzo which organizes film festivals, screenings in collaboration with schools, courses in film language. You were part of the jury of the “Video in verse” competition (Oderzo Cultura Foundation).




It is made up of Gigi CorsettiTiziana PassariniElena PasettiGianni TrotterCarlo BaruffiRaffaele Luponio, audiovisual education experts belonging to the Italian Audiovisual School Coordination (CIAS).

Assign a CIAS Award to the best foreign short in each category.

UNICEF Jury (UNICEF – Provincial Committee of Padua)


It is made up of Donatella Babetto, Paolo Merlo, Rinalda Montani, Ines Finizio, volunteers of the UNICEF Committee of Padua, which for years has been promoting the culture of childhood and adolescent rights in schools, local authorities, in the territory.

It assigns a CERTIFICATE of Merit for education to the rights to short films BY 3.18 which best expresses the culture of the rights of children and adolescents.

Small Festival DOC Jury

It is made up of Susanna Pasini, Barbara Cognolato, Giorgia Piva, Chiara Omerini, Martina Ferraboschi, Paola Guaita, teachers who have been working with audiovisuals in schools for years.



It is made up of students from the 5G class of the “Modigliani” Art School in Padua.

It assigns the TRUTTERO AWARD, established in memory of prof. Alfredo Truttero, sculptor and teacher of Plastic Disciplines at the Modigliani high school, passed away in February 2015, to remember the passion and curiosity that he has always given to his students.

JUNIOR BY 14.18 Jury

Made up of Liceo Cornaro students (coordinated by Laura Lippi).


Made up of young people who attend THE BOX, the community space of the municipality of Ponte San Nicolò (coordinated by the Bottega dei Ragazzi).

JUNIOR BY 11.13 Jury

Made up of pupils from the 1B and 1C Doria secondary schools (coordinated by Chiara Omerini and Lisa Masola).

JUNIOR BY 8.10 Jury

Made up of class 5A Giuliani primary school (coordinated by Giorgia Piva).

JUNIOR BY 3.7 Jury

Made up of 5-year-old children from the Roncaglia and Roncajette nursery schools (coordinated by Barbara Cognolato and Susanna Pasini).

Audience Award

For all sections of the Piccolo Festival there is an AUDIENCE AWARD.

Colonne Sonore Competition Jury



He teaches History of Animation at the University of Padua.
He is the author of international publications on film music and animation, including Václav Trojan: Music Composition in Czech Animated Films (2019).
In 2014, the SAS-Society for Animation Studies awarded him the Norman McLaren-Evelyn Lambart Award for Best Scholarly Paper. He was president of the 29th SAS conference (Padua, 2017).
PhD in cinema, he holds a diploma in piano and orchestral conducting.



Graduated in “Composition”, “Choral Music and Choir Conducting”, “Music Education”, he then obtained the “II level Academic Diploma in Musical Disciplines with a focus on Composition”. Among others, he studied with C. Pedini, F. Vacchi and S. Sciarrino. He has been teaching at Conservatories for over 30 years and has been at Pollini in Padua since 2003.
Interested in the interaction of music with images, he develops didactic courses on the subject: “Cinema Music and Didactics” (Cinema Zero Association, Pordenone, 2009); “Music for the cinema of Nino Rota” (Udine Conservatory, 2001).
Since 2008 he has been collaborating with the Scholastic Services of the Municipality of Padua, designing and creating the “Music and Cinema” program for primary and middle schools.

Jury Award of the author

Roberta Nicetto, Susanna Pasini, Raffaella Traniello, collaborators of the author of the initials.

48ore Competition Jury

Associazione Corti a Ponte Jury


It awards a prize to the best 48ore short, evaluating both the artistic quality and the integration of the given elements.

It is composed by: Karma Gava, Pier Giuseppe Zatti, Roberta Nicetto.

Audience Award

The AUDIENCE AWARD will be awarded for the 48ore Competition.