Festival 2020 / Kids Section BY 3-25 / Kids Section BY 3-7

Der verlorene Hut
(The lost hat)

First woman with Laïko
(First woman with Laïko)

Góry zbutwiałego króla
(The Mountains of The Decayed King)

Istorii iz starie fotografii
(Stories from old photos)

Kuromatsunai Future Sketch
(Kuromatsunai Future Sketch)

Monster Land
(Monster Land)

Morphing Tales
(Morphing Tales)

Os Amigos

Przygody figur geometrycznych
(The Adventures of Geometric Figures)

The Great Chase
(The Great Chase)

Une vie de chien
(Dog's life)

Västerbergslagens Kulturskola hos Magnetens förskola
(Visiting the kindergarden)

Два скелета
(Two skeletons)

Історія динозаврів
(The History of Dinos)