by Kamal kachooeian
2022 - Iran - 14:59 min.

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Recommended audience: AdultsPLUS 1


This sequence-plan film, which was filmed with an iPhone, is a snapshot of the live of couples who instead of love, sadism and masochism, advance their relationships. They are neither able to build nor even separate. Neither of them is superior to the other, and it is as if they do not see each other and only continue to coexist. Maybe that’s the main problem … not seeing.

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Biography and filmography

Beginning of artistic activity in 1379
Graduated from the Comprehensive University of Applied Sciences in the field of computer graphics, Tehran
Graduated from Sooreh University of Tehran in the field of drama-stage design, Tehran
Poster design for theater, music, movies, book cover illustrations, magazines, etc.
Member of Iran Performing Arts Center
Member of the board of the Iranian Theater Poster Designers Association
Artistic director of Hudhud Advertising Institute
Artistic director of Safir-e-Maaref Cultural and Artistic Institute
Artistic director of Amrdad Cultural and Artistic Institute
Artistic Director of Gahrshid Publications
Artistic Director of Nimaj Publications


Kamal kachooeian