by Karina Guilbasarova
2021 - Russia - 11:04 min.

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Recommended audience: BY 18.25Young adultsAdults


Dima is a programmer — he creates machine learning algorithms. One night he’s running late to meet his girlfriend, Masha, because of his sloppiness, and as he finally approaches, she gets hit by a car right in front of him. Dima will relive this evening over and over in an attempt to understand: was there a chance to save her?

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Biography and filmography

Karina Giulbasarova is a novice director from Moscow, Russia, who studied in Higher School of Economics to be a media producer. But along the way she found herself deriving so much inspiration from projects in cinematography that she decided to follow a different path. Karina now has two short films in her filmography that she had both written and directed and currently she is working on a new project. She is a young artist that believes cinema to be a way of transmitting significant ideas into the world in the most subtle of ways.


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