by Christina Tournatzés
2019 - Germany - Hungary - 15:00 min.

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Recommended audience: PLUS 4


A gang of smugglers lets 71 people die in transit.

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Biography and filmography

Christina Tournatzés studied film and television in Munich. She has been directing short documentaries and fiction shorts since 2015.
The short film “Cargo” (2019) is her Thesis Movie.

2019 CARGO (14:59 min, fiction, short, graduation film) 2017 WENN ICH MAL GROSS BIN (00:30 min, fiction, social spot, film school project)
2015 HELLO BROOKLYN (10:00 min, documentary, short, film school project) 2014 MARY JAIL (07:00 min, fiction, short, film school project)


Matthias Nerlich