by Ehsan Eslami
2022 - Iran - 4:00 min.

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Recommended audience: BoysFamiliesFOR 14+


A teenage boy finds out that he can turn back time with a magic word.
He is elated and starts having fun with the magic word. Suddenly, it comes to his mind to test and see if he can survive from jumping off a tall building and prevent his death using this magic. To his surprise it works and he finds it amusing and decides to do it again and enjoy more but unfortunately, this time an “ERROR” happens. An Irrecoverable problem that could no longer be remedied and leads to his death.

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Biography and filmography

Born in Tehran-August 1, 1997
Since 2011, I spontaneously entered the field of film making, and after learning graphic design, editing and filming, I became interested in entering the field of film production.
I entered the field of directing in 2019 and started producing different kind of music videos and short films.
In 2020 and 2021, I succeeded in producing two short films called “Two roofs and One weather” and “ERROR”


Ehsan Eslami