First Bulgarian Kingdom: Khan Asparukh

(Първо Българско Царство: Хан Аспарух)

by Theodor Dimitrov, Boyan Yordanov
2019 - Bulgaria - 7:20 min.

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Recommended audience: Schools


The stop motion lego animation is the second episode from the series “First Bulgarian Kingdom”. The film reveals an exciting journey with a time machine back in 680 AD during which a strange professor witnesses the creation of the First Bulgarian Kingdom by the ruler Khan Asparukh. We see the 4-days battle with Emperor Constantine and the union forged between the first Proto-Bulgarian tribes and the Slavs.
The series is filmed during Cinema classes at the Center for Democratic Learning, and is based on project-based learning. Children between the ages of 7 and 13 participate, the main creators are Boyan (10) and Teddy (10).
About 230 lego figurines were used to recreate historical events and 4,000 photographs were taken.

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Production, school, educational institution

Center for Democratic Learning Sofia