It’s a Dog Life

(It's a Dog Life)

by Julie Rembauville
2021 - France - 7:47 min.

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Recommended audience: PLUS 2Adults


This evening, the dog Fifi is forced to read its newspaper under the table during the dinner. But between Dad, Mom, Thomas and Zoé, the atmosphere is electric and the reading becomes compromised.

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Biography and filmography

Julie Rembauville was born in Paris in 1982. She studied litterature and audiovisuals at La Sorbonne University. In 2003, she published her first book for childern, Je ne me laisserai pas faire ! (I won’t let them do it !) working with the drawer Nicolas Bianco-Levrin. Then, they realized films and books, working on adaptation principe. The Machino received the award of the best DVD-book for children in 2006, given by the CIELJ (International Center of Litterature for Children)
She’s now working on an animated serie project for TV, KROAK, written with Nicolas Bianco-Levrin and produced by Sacrebleu productions and on a short Ombre qui vole.


Julie Rembauville