Mr Indifferent

(Mr Indifferent)

by Aryasb Feiz
2018 - Iran - 2:46 min.

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Recommended audience: FOR 13-18


A busy man who is always in a rush is reluctant to help others until one day he encounters an old woman in a crossroad…

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Biography and filmography

Growing up in Shiraz Aryasb watched classic Disney films such as "101 Dalmatians" and "Aladdin". In school, he started drawing cartoons and soon found his passion in CG animation through Pixar movies.
He studied painting in university while attending AnimationMentor and working part-time as an animator. After finishing AnimationMentor, he worked as an animation supervisor at a small studio making TV commercials and was hooked on directing and storytelling after editing a short film. He founded Badstache Studio in 2014 to make his own short animation.
He loves to teach and has been teaching character animation for 6 years.


Aryasb Feiz