Slow down honey!

(Frena cariño!)

by Pau Xicola
2022 - Spain - 6:24 min.

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Recommended audience: AdultsPLUS 3


A couple has an uncomfortable conversation about their relationship and their future in which unexpected changes occur.

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Biography and filmography

He was born in 1977 in Sabadell, Barcelona.
His passion was always the cinema but the disagreements with life led him to build a successful business career. Retired at 43 years of age, he studied a foundation year at ESCAC to taste the experience of making films. Motivated by the availability of time and with the collaboration of a 21-year-old young soul, he set up a film production company under the name of Rozog Films together with his partner, thus beginning his career as a filmmaker.
After finishing the course at ESCAC, he wrote and co-directed "Rituals" as his first fashion film, winning the award for best fashion film organized by the IED design school in Barcelona and judged by Isabel Coixet. Months later, he writes and directs “Frena Cariño”, a project that he considers his first work.
Despite being an amateur director and with few miles of filming, his only 2 shorts are capable of speaking for themselves, and have something to say.