Snails` Breakfast

(Snails` Breakfast)

by Eugeniy Fadeyev
2021 - Russia - 7:07 min.

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Recommended audience: FamiliesFOR 3+Childrens


In a world where stories are losing their value, all that remains is to enjoy the ever-encroaching nature, and feed on falling fruit.
In this world, the city has long since lost its outlines, there are no roads, no streets left to be seen, only artifacts that no longer perform any function, and its only inhabitants are snails that never leave their houses.

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Biography and filmography

Eugeniy Fadeyev was born on 19.03.1988 in Moscow. In 2011 graduated from Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography (MIIGAIK), architecture department. In 2015 graduated from the School-Studio of animation cinema “SHAR” as an animated film director.


Eugeniy Fadeyev