by Nicole Milan Milan e Manuel Morelli
2022 - Italy - 2:00 min.

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Recommended audience: BoysSchools


Japan, late nineteenth century. Yuko, a 17-year-old rebel, leaves his family to become a poet. But his poems, dedicated entirely to snow, are too white, and to learn how to give it color Yuko must follow the teachings of the old artist Soseki, who has now gone blind. Soseki, through the story of his passion for Snow, a beautiful girl from Europe who disappeared while trying to cross a precipice suspended on a rope, teaches Yuko the strength and power of love. And with his teaching Yuko will become not only a great poet but – most importantly – a human being capable of love.

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Liceo artistico I.S.S. Simone Weil Treviglio (classe a indirizzo figurativo)