by Mohammad Mohammadi, Alisina Bahadori, Alireza Mohammadi, Amir Abozari, Zahra, Mohammad Ghaznawi
2021 - Portugal - 3:06 min.

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Recommended audience: ChildrensSchools


We are made of stories, and children have a very special way of drawing a line between fiction and reality, a way that mixes fears and hope. This film was made by the refugee community from the new Mavrovouni camp in Lesvos during an animation workshop for “Open Camp – a new narrative from children in refugee camps”.
The films act as their voices that are often not listened to and shown by mainstream media. These are children with different backgrounds and countries but with a common refugee experience, and we discovered a political message in the storyline they draw.

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Production, school, educational institution

Open Camp - a new narrative from children in refugee camps