The puppet

(La marioneta)

by Sonia Estévez Fernández
2022 - Spain - 10:00 min.

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Recommended audience: AdultsPLUS 2


A female puppet appears locked in a room, prostrate on the floor and immobile. After several experiences, ropes are attached to her body and her movements begin to be more and more fluid. Each of the strings is associated with a scene related to an aspect of women’s social problems, such as the body, equality or gender.

Condividi sui social

Biography and filmography

Sonia Estévez is a director, producer, model maker and stop motion animator. She is a founding partner and administrator of Tik Tak Film Studio Koop., an independent production company, cooperative of social initiative, specialized in stop motion animation.
She has trained in stop motion animation in Barcelona, at the 9zeros Animation School and at Cifo de Hospitalet, in executive production at the Media Training consultancy and has taken the Stop Motion I and II course at Aardman Academy (Bristol).
She took Digital Art and Audiovisual Projects courses at the Vitoria-Gasteiz School of Arts and Crafts.
She studied Forestry and Environmental Chemistry, so she combines audiovisual production and sustainability. She uses stop motion animation as a means to make social issues visible.
She has directed three short films and several commercials in this animation technique. She is currently directing the short films ¨Txotxongiloa¨ and ¨Malkoak¨
She teaches various animation courses and workshops for all ages.


Tik Tak Film Studio Koop. Elk. Txikia