Tree House

(Silva Domus)

by Soo-min park
2021 - South Korea - 11:52 min.

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Recommended audience: FamiliesFOR 8+Kids


Won-Jae (70) ‘s wife passed away a few years ago. He climbs the mountain to visit her grave for the memorial day of his wife’s death. The young married couple, Jung-Heon (38) and Moon-seon (36), think that the ceremony is nothing more than an simple act. They just want to finish things up quickly. Only Ha-yeon (6), his granddaughter, can understand his heart.
The couple climb up first to make a table for the ceremony. Ha-yeon walks slowly together with her old grandpa. Suddenly Won-Jae couldn’t remember the wife’s grave that he visits every year and explores the mountain with Ha-yeon unexpectly. They finally find the wife’s grave. Won-Jae wants to stay with his granddaughter as long as he can.

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Biography and filmography

Soo-min park, graduated from Dong-Eui University (Bachelor of Arts).


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