Two Robots

(Two Robots)

by Gidion Anastasia Alexandrovna
2021 - Russian Federation - 1:52 min.

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Recommended audience: Schools


The author tells us a story about two iron robots, one is working, the other is broken. This story tells us how important it is to support each other in everything and always, because friendship works wonders! This story is about genuine compassion, sincere kindness and helping a close friend. Everything is simple and clear, sincere and close to each of us.

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Biography and filmography

Gidion Anastasia Alexandrovna - teacher
Position - teacher of additional education, head and leading teacher in the Ryabinushka animation studio, preschool educational institution №300, Novosibirsk, head and leading teacher in the children's animation studio "Watermelon", MAU DK Rodina, Progress club, Berdsk.
The level of education is higher. Jurisprudence (bachelor) at Novosibirsk State University of Economics and Management "NINH" (NSUEU), teacher of additional education at Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University.
Teaching experience - 11 years.
Training -
"Methodological aspects of organizing the activities of a children's animation studio." GAU DPO NSO NIPKiPRO. 36 hours. Novosibirsk 2019
“The basics of animated animation. Methodical workshop "VGIK. 36 hours. Moscow 2019