by Marta Bayarri
2018 - Spain - 15:00 min.

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Recommended audience: PLUS 2


Marga works in a slaughterhouse and every day has the same routine, she takes a bus to go home after work at dark, and so day after day. She lost the illusion to live because things already stopped happening a long time ago.
However, one day, in a totally unexpected way, something will awaken her. For the first time in her life she realises what she really wants to do. But, in order to achieve it, she will have to find help, and that will not be easy.

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Biography and filmography

Marta Bayarri is an actress, writer and director resident in Barcelona. Her first short film ONE NIGHT (2014) received more than 50 selections and 6 Awards, including the Critics Award for Best New Director in the online Spanish American Short Film Festival ABC’16. Her second short film, FUGIT (2016), produced again by Momotrup Films, has Miguel A. Faura and David Victori as executive producers. It received more than 65 selections & 8 Awards, and also the Candidacy for Best Live-Action Short Film at the Spanish Goya Awards 2018.
VACA (COW) is her third work as a scriptwriter & director and, in this case, also starring. The short film has Miguel A. Faura and Oriol Ruiz as executive producers.


Oriol Ruiz