by Alexandre Masson
2019 - France - 14:00 min.

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Recommended audience: PLUS 4


Etienne works at a washing machine post-sale customer service. One night, he’s detained by an unpleasant customer call with a problem that seems to be irremediable…

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Biography and filmography

Alexandre Masson is a 21 years old student director. His latest short film, « Washout » signs the end of his 3IS education. In april 2017, he directs « Tout ce que j’ai », a road- movie short film and he participates in the « Nikon film festival » with a short film he made in september 2017. Alexandre directs next some very short films and a webserie produced by his school. Right before Washout, he co-directs « Kuko » with Guillaume Samson and put it in festivals worldwide. He tries to make a feature film as soon as he’s done with school.


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