Who is it: Who is singing?

(Dao Di Shi Shei: Chang Ge De Ren Shi Shei?)

by Hsing-Fang Lin
2022 - Taiwan - 3:14 min.

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Recommended audience: FamiliesFOR 3+Childrens


One day, the lion and his wife are playing musical instruments together. Unexpectedly, someone begins to sing along with the melody. The lion and his wife are very excited, so the two embark on a journey with their musical instruments to find the beautiful voice.

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Biography and filmography

Hsing-Fang Lin is from Kaohsiung who has been engaged in animation for more than ten years. He has participated in the production of children animation series,”MuMuHug”and “Katz Gang” in Taiwan.His personal animation films were also shortlisted at “Taipei Film Festival“,“Toronto International Film Festival”and “Beijing Film Academy Short Film ”.Some of his work were also exhibited in National Gallery and Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts.


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