Winged Miracle

(Winged Miracle)


Azerbaijan, 1937. A poet for Panturkish ideological ideas was arrested. The girl comes to the prison to visit her father. The girl, who brought the picture to her father, faces the guard. Qardian does not allow the image to be imported. Because in the picture, a bird in a cage (like irony) is depicted. The girl regrets. A few days later he comes to visit his father with a new painting. Gardian looks at the picture and tears it. This time, the girl only took a picture of a bird. (symbolizes freedom).
He needed a lot of time to draw a new one. And that’s when it came. The girl takes her picture and goes to visit her father. Little girl’s big fight is starting again. Gardian looks at the picture of the tree and calls his chief for permission. The chief is letting the girl meet her father. The girl goes to her father and hugs her. Father looking at the picture and say It’s a beautiful tree. The tree has fruit. asks what the fruit is. The girl whispered that they were actually birds. She hid the birds behind the leaves and took them to his father.

Condividi sui social

Production, school, educational institution

Elshan Ali Nur