by Gwai Lou
2023 - Malaysia - 13:53 min.

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Recommended audience: Festival 2024AdultsPLUS 3


After cutting himself accidentally during one of his live-streaming sessions, Farid, a boy from a rural area of Malaysia is offered money by one of his followers to do it again.

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Biography and filmography

Gwai Lou, a Spanish-born filmmaker based in Malaysia, embraces the moniker "Foreign devil" as he navigates his life through cinema. His debut feature "Many Pieces of Something" (2015) achieved global sales despite its modest origins. His subsequent films, "Side-B" (2017) and "Disappear" (2020), earned acclaim at international festivals. His latest work, "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," premieres at the Rizoma Film Festival (Spain) this November. Currently, he's developing "Bakunawa," winner of the Malaysia International Film Festival (MIFF) Project market and co-produced by key Malaysian firms.


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