Carlito Se Va Para Siempre

(Carlito leaves forever)

by Quentin Lazzarotto
2018 - Peru - 8 min.

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In the heart of the Amazon jungle, the village of Palma Real on the banks of the river “Mother of God” still resists the modern world. Nomads of origin and evangelized by force, their pagan customs persist despite everything and the inhabitants are marked with the physique of the native tribes.
Carlito, a silent young man, decides to leave this place, his native village, in a strange, discreet and informal escape.

Without saying goodbye to his family, if not his grandmother just as silent as him, he commits the flight of a canoe to escape on the river. A little further on, on the muddy bed of the immense river, an encounter reveals the secret that Carlito hid from his community.
A film whose images are revealed as a poem, shot and interpreted in the native language of the village, by the inhabitants.
Film directed under the supervision of Werner Herzog.

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Biography and filmography

Quentin Lazzarotto grew up in Haut Jura (France), a mountainous and forested region. He films at a very young age several videos and documentaries about his region.
A lover of science, especially fundamental, he joined the prestigious Institut Henri Poincaré in Paris in 2012 to found an audiovisual center whose purpose is the dissemination of knowledge in mathematics and physics, astronomy, computer science ... He has directed several documentaries on the subject of which "Einstein and General Relativity" in 2015 (52min, diff RMC Découverte).
« Carlito Leaves Forever » is his second short professional fiction film.