by Kuznetsov Andrey
2021 - Russian Federation - 7:07 min.

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Recommended audience: FamiliesFOR 8+Kids


Conspiracy theory sometimes diverges from practice. At the same time, not only life, but also death makes its own adjustments to the plans of people – and not always in the way you thought about.

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Biography and filmography

Was born in 1966, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Graduated from the Moscow State Pedagogical University, the Faculty of Art and Graphics. Than Russian State University of Cinematography named after S.Gerasimov. Since 1990 - artist, animator and director of the Pilot studio. He worked on the project "Mountain of Gems".
"How the Snake was Deceived" 2004
"The Deceiver Raven" 2005
"The Adventures of the Fox" 2009
"Pumasipa" 2010
"Mergen" 2013
"The Brave" 2015
"Kani and Simba" 2017


Kuznetsov Andrey