Don’t be lazy

(Ne budite lijeni)

by Valerija Puškar
2023 - Croatia - 4:46 min.

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Recommended audience: Festival 2024ChildrensSchools


A significant number of school desks in Sveti Petar OrehovecElementary School are plastered with chewing gum. This fact was recently warned by the Student Council, which launched a cleaning campaign. In the film, the president of the Student Council pointed out that she hopes that this action will influence the change in student behavior. The action of cleaning the benches in the library is followed in this film. The film also conveys the opinions of students teachers and the housekeeper, who is angered by the inappropriate disposal of chewing gum. The first cleaning action was done by the students of 8th A, and the remaining benches in the school library were cleaned by the students of 8th B.

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