by Victor Cesca
2023 - France - 15:35 min.

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Recommended audience: Festival 2024FamiliesFOR 11+Childrens


Guy, a pianist passionate about his music, sees his life turned upside down
when the church where he officiates takes in a mysterious little girl.
A true piano virtuoso, the child prodigy will soon steal the show.
A duel of egos then begins.

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Biography and filmography

Victor Cesca, before he was even born, was surrounded by movies, thanks to his film-loving parents. Growing up, he made short films, exploring various genres and storytelling techniques. After studying film in Nantes, he wrote and directed shorts reflecting his unique style and themes like duels and obsession. Despite challenges, he remains dedicated to making entertaining cinema. His recent project, "Fortissimo," is hitting the festival circuit. He embraces Peter Jackson's quote: "pain is temporary; film is forever."


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