by Meka Ribera, Álvaro G. Company
2023 - Spain - 12:05 min.

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Recommended audience: Festival 2024AdultsPLUS 3


When they are born they are precious, almost perfect. But they grow so fast. I wish there was a way to enjoy that unrepeatable age forever. Petit Toujour combines the latest advances in gene therapy and selective hormone blocking to extend your time with the most beautiful thing you have in the world, your baby.

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Biography and filmography

Álvaro G. Company (Alicante, 1991) studied cinematography at the Ciudad de la Luz Study Center. He has directed short films recognized with different awards and selections such as Irreversible (2017), Fin (2018), Capricho (2020), Bien, bien (2022), or Mesa para 3 (2022), working with well-known artists such as Adriana Ozores, Luis Zahera, Paco Tous, Nacho Guerreros, Cristina Plazas, Verónica Echegui, Luna Fulgencio, Elena Furiase, Eva Isanta, Miguel Diosdado, etc. In his achievement he accumulates more than 300 selections and 100 international awards. He currently directs the audiovisual department of Grupoidex, producing and directing advertising spots for well-known brands.

Meka Ribera (Alicante, 1988) studied Audiovisual Communication at the Ciudad De La Luz Study Center, where she began her path towards professionalism with the founding of the production company "aticocuatro", making music videos for Warner among others and winning the International Film Festival. Sequence Plan of Terrasa and awards in the field of advertising such as the Chupete and the Lluna, with different national and international brands. Meka is currently co-founder of the production company "Bilby" based in Alicante and Madrid, with which he combines his work in advertising with the development of fiction projects. He has directed the short film Mesa para 3 (2022), selected in more than 120 festivals and winner of more than 30 awards.


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