by Jesús Martínez "Nota"
2021 - Spain - 9:45 min.

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Recommended audience: PLUS 3Adults


Hello everyone! For those who still don t know me I m Porappé, I m nine and I m the most famous Youtuber girl in my country.

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Biography and filmography

JESÚS MARTÍNEZ NOTA (Lorca, 1980). He has a Bachelor of Music, B.M. in Piano, Music Education,Composition and Musicology. He created the film production company Producciones13. He also atended several filmmaking courses, seminars and workshops,and finally specialised in short films by writing, making and producing them.

His last short films have been selected in more than 300,both domestic and international, festivals (in such countries as North Korea, United Kingdom, Poland, Canada, Brazil, Turkey, Argentina, Italy, France, Iran , Germany, Serbia, Estonia, Macedonia, USA, Greece,etc.) and they have received over 30 awards at some national and international festivals alike, among which we can point out the Silver Jasmine Bouquet Audience Award at the 21st Malaga Film Festival , with his cartoon short film called Eusebio 80, which was selected for the 34th Goya Festival Awards.


Jesús Martínez "Nota"