by Mohamad KamalAlavi
2023 - Iran - 15:00 min.

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Screening date and location:

Recommended audience: Festival 2024AdultsPLUS 3


Ava is an Iranian, 9 years old girl. There is a religious rite in the school and the teachers sing hymns for the children. After school, Ava goes to the birthday party of her cousin who is her best friend, Pouya, but with the presence of uninvited guests, the birthday takes a different form for Ava…

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Biography and filmography

Mohammad Kamal Alavi
Graduated in Advanced Directing at Young Cinematography
Performing Arts (School of Art and Architecture – Tehran Center)
He directed the short films:
1- Nim/half
2- Drilling
3- More silence
4- The single horn


Amirhossein Panahifar