by Yann Verburgh
2022 - France - 14:38 min.

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Recommended audience: Festival 2024AdultsPLUS 2


RIAD, a former legionnaire suffering from a post-traumatic stress disorder that destroyed his family, gets back to his son MEHDI after months of separation, in a social centerfor family meetings.

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Biography and filmography

Yann Verburgh learns cinema storytelling at La Fémis (France) where he gets a Screenwriter master's degree in 2020. He writes there his first feature film "Remain Human" (in development with Apaches Films). He is a theater and opera playwriter since 2014 and regularly works with the Romanian director Eugen Jebeleanu, co-founder with him of Les Ogres Company. His plays are published, translated and acted in different languages, read at the Comédie Francaise, broadcasted on France Culture, distinguished by many grants and prizes. "Riad is his first short film


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