See you soon

(Je rentre)

by Jules Renault
2023 - France - 14:55 min.

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Recommended audience: Festival 2024AdultsPLUS 1


It is the general lockdown in France. To preserve their couple, Robin and Pauline have decided to spend it on their own: Pauline has gone to live with her parents in the country side, leaving Robin to enjoy their small apartment alone. At least she thinks so, since he took advantage of her absence to quietly join Charlotte, her lover, in her country house. But Pauline decides to return earlier than expected…

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Biography and filmography

Parisian director and photographer Jules Renault draws inspiration from 90s hip-hop and skate culture. After studying at the International Film School of Paris, he moved to Boston to pursue both skating and filmmaking. Known for directing music videos and commercials for major brands like Adidas and Nike, he's now focused on documentary filmmaking, notably on post-genocide Rwanda. Renault experiments with analog video and photography alongside his film projects.


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