by Sonia Estévez
2023 - Spain - 5:00 min.

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Recommended audience: Festival 2024BoysFamiliesFOR 8+


A tear from a child, Malko, tells us that she does not always come out equally from the eyes of the child to which it belongs. Depending on the reason that causes the child’s crying, the tear has a different appearance, in particular, she dresses differently. The child likes his tears on all occasions and the tear likes all her forms.

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Biography and filmography

Sonia is a director, producer and animator of stop motion animation. She is a founding partner and director of the independent production company specializing in stop motion animation, Tik Tak Film Studio. You have professionally directed two short films; Txotxongiloa and Malkoak and various advertisements in this animation technique. You are currently directing the short film "Plazer bat". She also has a background in environmental and forestry chemistry, which is why she combines audiovisual production and sustainability.


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