by Thomas Verijke
2019 - Belgium - 14:24 min.

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Recommended audience: Festival 2021PLUS 1


Emil is a photographer. He loves photos, he lives photos. Transponder explores his photographic obsession with both observed objects and personal experiences. Emil’s life, his present as well as his memories of love and encounters are captured as a sequence of pictures taken with a camera. Moments can be zoomed in and reasons for separation investigated pixel by pixel. Life’s episodes are viewed through a filter. Ultimately though, images remain only static snapshots of an ever-moving reality, and so Emil finds himself constantly searching for new moments. Looking.

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Biography and filmography

Growing up the son of a camera salesman, I was always surrounded by the visual medium. From an early age I started taking pictures, understanding that the boundaries of a photograph are a way to create your own reality. I would enjoy manipulating time and space by capturing, cropping, saturating and blurring.

Through thinking how the borders of a picture influence the inherent narrative, I started venturing into the audiovisual medium where the frame can be enlarged via sound. Creating space where there is none. Using the technical language of images and sounds has been my main tool to tell stories that are almost impossible for me to communicate.