by Xuanyi He
2023 - China - 7:38 min.

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Recommended audience: Festival 2024ChildrensSchools


Throughout the river of time, Xiepu culture, like a resilient seed, has firmly taken root in the land. This documentary portrays the poignant journey of preserving the essence of Xiepu culture. As society evolves, the Xiepu culture transforms as well, but its unique essence remains safeguarded within the hearts of three generations of Xiepu women. They stand as guardians of the culture, messengers of heritage, blending the rich history with the contemporary to pave a bridge between the past and the future. Through this documentary, we are granted a glimpse into the deep affection these women hold for their culture, and we recognize the invaluable significance of cultural inheritance. May the torch of Xiepu culture continue to shine brightly in their hands, illuminating the path ahead for generations to come.

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