The sword of the sun


by Le Gentil Garçon
2023 - France - 14:53 min.

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Recommended audience: Festival 2024AdultsPLUS 3


Stop-motion film, inspired very freely by Italo Calvino’s “Mister Palomar”, an astonishing meditation on the act of looking. The director tried to crystallize the visions that this novel, hallucinatory in many ways, had awakened in him, by evoking artists who are dear to him : Arnold Böcklin, Odilon Redon, Méliès, Dora Maar, Georgia O’Keeffe, Mariana Enríquez, Topor, Cocteau, Buñuel, Borges… All artists with the ability to bring out the sublime from the prosaic.

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Le Gentil Garçon